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Windows Tiny

Windows Tiny uses the Windows installation ISO, removing all unnecessary features and bloatware to help even low-end laptops and PCs run smoothly with Windows.


Leave Windows and switch to Windows Tiny


Performance Optimization: By removing unnecessary components and optimizing the default Windows system.

Reduce latency

By fine-tuning processes, implementing efficient energy usage plans, and optimizing network connections, you will feel the difference.

Security and privacy

By removing the notorious tracking features, pre-installed apps, and Microsoft’s bloatware, you can feel confident using Windows Tiny.

About me is a free website sharing the Windows Tiny 10 operating system – A compact OS with high performance optimization, designed for computers wanting the best performance on laptops and PCs, especially older devices. With just 2GB of RAM and 16GB of hard drive space, they can run smoothly on Windows Tiny.

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Based on Windows 10 LTSC, tiny10 aims to be a lightweight version of Windows 10 for low-end PCs and the like!