Backing up the Windows key using CMD is a common method that allows you to retrieve the Windows key on pre-installed computer devices. It easily provides you with a legitimate Windows key so you can use it when reinstalling the computer in the future.

How to backup Windows 11 key? And in what cases?

Currently, many computer devices come pre-installed with a Windows 11 key. Windows 11 is bundled with the device, and when you purchase it, it’s ready for you to use. However, the issue is that they don’t give you the Windows 11 key directly; it’s already activated. Especially when buying domestic computers from China that come with Windows, if you don’t know how to retrieve the key, you often have to reinstall Windows immediately after purchase due to the language barrier.

Of course, you can backup this key, and whenever you reinstall Windows, you can use it to activate as usual. Let’s follow this article for more information.”

Backup Key Windows 11 on already Active machine

NOTE: It’s best to retrieve the key from a pre-activated machine as soon as possible. Especially right after purchasing the computer, you should do it immediately. Do it once, and you can use it in the future.

Step 1: On Windows 11 > go to Search (search icon) > type in ‘Terminal’ > Right-click on ‘Terminal’ and choose ‘Run As administrator’

Step 2: For this, just select ‘Yes’

Step 3: Once you’re in Terminal, there will be a downward pointing arrow on the interface> click on it and choose ‘Command Prompt’.

Alternatively, you can simply press the key combination: Ctrl + Shift + 2 on the keyboard.

Step 4: Once the Command Prompt interface appears, paste the following code into it.

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the Terminal interface uses Linux-style commands, you don’t use Ctrl + V as usual. Instead, after copying the code, simply RIGHT-CLICK in the Command Prompt interface, and it will automatically paste

Step 5: Now, your Windows key will be displayed for you

Windows 11 Key
Windows 11 Key

Please save this Windows 11 key. When you reinstall Windows in the future, just enter this key, and you’ll have an authentic licensed version

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