Installing Windows Tiny 10 is extremely straightforward. You only need to download Tiny Windows, select the appropriate version, create a bootable USB, plug the USB into your computer, and proceed with the installation. Below is a detailed guide for the Windows Tiny installation process:

Windows Tiny 10 Installation Guide

Step 1: Plug in the Windows Boot USB (follow the instructions) into the computer where you want to install Windows Tiny.

Step 2: Start the computer. When the blue screen appears, press the Boot key (usually the F12 key).

Quick Tip: If you’re unsure of the shortcut key to activate the BOOT menu on your laptop, you can try sequentially pressing keys from F2 to F12, as well as the Del or Esc keys.

After that, select the USB Drive from the options, as shown in the image below:

Step 3: Initial Interface When Installing Windows Tiny 10

Select the default settings shown and click “Next.”

Step 4: Select “Install Now” to Begin the Installation

Step 5: Choose “I Accept the License Terms” and Select Next

Select “I Accept the License Terms” and then click “Next.”

Step 7: Select Next to Proceed with Installation on the Empty Hard Drive Area

Click “Next” to continue with the installation on the available empty hard drive area.

Step 8: Wait for Windows to be Installed on Your Computer

Now, you’ll need to wait while Windows is being installed on your computer.

Step 9: Choose Your Region

Select your region, which is set to United States by default

Step 10: Select Keyboard Input

Choose your keyboard input, with US set as the default (recommended).

Step 11: Wait Briefly for the Operating System to Load

Please wait for a moment as the operating system loads.

Step 12: Sign In with Your Microsoft Account (Optional)

If you have a Microsoft account, you can sign in here. If not, you can choose the “Domain Join Instead” option.

Step 13: Enter Your Username

Enter your username. For example, In your case, you can enter “”

Step 14: Set Your Password and Answer Security Questions

Enter your password and proceed with answering the security questions. At this point, select “Accept” to agree with the sharing options.

Step 15: You’re Almost Done

You’re almost done! Just wait a little longer.


Don’t be surprised by the simplicity of the interface. This is Windows Tiny, after all. You just need to install what you need. In essence, this is an ultra-lightweight, super-smooth operating system designed for low-end computers, and it’s even capable of handling gaming well.

Note: This operating system is optimized, so even the default browser is not included. If you want a browser, you can download it separately, and you can also download and install Chrome. From there, you can proceed to install other applications and software as needed.

In summary, Windows Tiny 10: 23H1 has undeniably marked a significant milestone in the evolution of compact operating systems. Its streamlined features, combined with an efficient installer, have made it a top choice for users seeking a lightweight yet powerful OS experience. The direct download option further simplifies the process, eliminating the hassles often associated with obtaining software online. As technology continues to advance, the demand for efficient, user-friendly, and space-saving solutions becomes even more paramount.

Windows Tiny 10: 23H1 not only meets this demand but exceeds expectations in many respects. Its introduction has paved the way for a new era of computing, where efficiency and performance go hand in hand. For those who have yet to explore this version, the benefits it offers are manifold. From faster boot times to reduced system overheads, the advantages are clear. As we look to the future, it’s exciting to envision what further innovations Windows might bring. But for now, the 23H1 edition stands as a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to delivering top-notch, user-centric solutions. It’s a reminder that sometimes, in the world of technology, less can indeed be more.

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