At, we constantly strive to provide our team with the best tools and technology to maintain our edge in the competitive tech landscape. After thorough research and a recommendation from the experts at, we decided to equip our office with the Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System. This decision has transformed our internet experience, offering rapid speeds, unparalleled security, and robust connectivity.

The Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System (AX1800) stands out for its future-proof network capabilities. It supports gigabit bandwidth plans and Wi-Fi 6 devices, ensuring our team is always connected with the latest technology. Importantly, it’s IPV6 compatible, paving the way for the next generation of internet protocol.

Security is paramount in our industry, and Vilo 6 delivers with WPA3 security, ensuring our home networks are safeguarded against potential threats. Additionally, its three Gigabit Ethernet ports and Smart Queue Management optimize performance, a crucial factor for our high-demand applications.

But what truly sets Vilo 6 apart is its smart Wi-Fi features, tailored for the modern smart home or office. It eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones, offering seamless whole-home coverage. Each unit covers up to 2000 sq ft, and a 2-pack can cover 4000 sq ft, connecting up to 128 devices per unit. This scalability means our entire office is covered, with no corner left unconnected.

Another feature we appreciate is the free Bark in-home parental controls, an essential tool for network management. This feature allows us to easily control and monitor the network usage within our workspace, ensuring productivity and focus.

Setting up the Vilo 6 was incredibly easy, thanks to its preconfigured mesh and intuitive Vilo App. We had our network up and running in minutes, and managing it is a breeze with features like network monitoring, scheduled restarts, automatic firmware updates, guest network management, and more.

The technical specifications of the Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System are equally impressive. With simultaneous dual-band (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) frequencies and speeds of up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 1200 Mbps on 5 GHz, it caters to all our bandwidth needs. The advanced technology of MU-MIMO, Beamforming, and Proactive Band Steering ensures a stable and efficient connection.

Physically, the Vilo 6 units are sleek and modern, fitting seamlessly into our office aesthetics. Each unit, measuring 2.7 x 2.7 x 5.9 in and weighing just 0.7 lbs, is discreet yet powerful. The setup is completed with 4 internal PCB antennas in each unit, providing strong and reliable Wi-Fi signals throughout our space.

In the box, we received everything we needed to get started – the Vilo 6 units themselves, power adapters, and an Ethernet cable for the 2-pack. The system requirements are minimal, requiring iOS 9.0 or later or Android 8.0 or later, making it accessible for all our team members regardless of their device preferences.

In conclusion, the Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System has been a game-changer for It’s not just a Wi-Fi system; it’s a key component in our mission to stay connected, secure, and ahead of the curve in technology. For any tech-forward business or individual seeking a reliable, fast, and secure internet solution, the Vilo 6 comes highly recommended from our experienced team.

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